Heat Treating

Consistent, Proven Results

Century, Inc. operates one of the most modern and technically equipped heat-treating facilities in the country. By utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation and controls, and an unsurpassed quality assurance program, we can provide the metallurgical structure and consistency of hardness necessary for maximum performance of precision parts.

Deep Salt Bath

Century, Inc. continues to lead the thermal processing industry with the modern installation of its long length hardening line custom engineered, designed, and built to accommodate parts fully immersed to 110" in length.

Ion Nitriding

Ion nitriding has wide applications in several alloy steels, tool steels, and high-speed steels. Tools may be hung vertically from the top or loaded on the hearth plate, with an overall capacity of 6500 lb., 60" diameter, and 72" height.

Vacuum Tempering

Atmosphere controlled tempering ovens provide accurate temperature control and uniformity with excellent surface finish. Hot zones measure 60" x 60" x 60" with a maximum load capacity of 4500 lbs. at 1250 °F. Vacuum up to 12 bar with nitrogen gas quench.

Hardening, Carburizing, & Carbonitriding

Super Allcase® hardening line designed for neutral hardening, carburizing, or carbonitriding. Multiple tempering ovens accommodate all material requirements and hardness ranges.

Induction Hardening & Cryogenic Treating

Hardening services include a horizontal induction deep case long length up to 150" and vertical induction long length up to 70". Our cryogenic treating "cold chamber" can accommodate load sizes to 36" x 36" x 50" up to a 4,000 lb. and thermal processes to -300 °F.


Century Specialties has an extensive background in heat-treating methods. Our certifications include:

  • AS9100 REV C AND ISO 9001:2008

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